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Trippie is an iOS app that helps connect travelers with a detailed airport kiosk in their pocket. Features include, real time 3D indoor maps, flight times, up to date menus, TSA wait times, and a social board for connecting with other travelers during layovers. It was featured on CNBC’s Shark Tank and in the top 75 most popular travel apps on the Apple App Store.

Student Voice

Student Voice was a social network designed to encourage and facilitate social action in high school students. It encouraged users to create polls of ideas for community improvement. Popular polls could then be turned into petitions and would automatically be emailed to school administrators with the goal of improving student-faculty communication. Features included Google Maps API for school lookup and Firebase for authentication and database.

Friend Party

Friend party was a directory allowing users to list social profiles and find users to connect with who had like interests. Users could also purchase coins via in-app purchase to unlock more profiles.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale was an application made as part of a high school coding competition. It was an eCommerce platform allowing local high school clubs to list items to be sold to the general public. Once reserved, clubs could provide detailed pickup and payment information and share progress toward fundraising goals.

Street Bash

StreetBash was an iOS application aggregating the best things to do in your neighborhood from multiple APIs. The best restaurants, entertainment, and more in one social enabled place.

Live Chasing

Live Chasing TV’s iOS client allowed tornado and storm chasers across the US to stream live video along with speed and real-time location data to users. Streams could be watched and commented on while tracking storm chasers on a live map.

Sports Cloud

SportsCloud is a sport score tracking application primarily allowing youth coaches in The Bay Area to track basketball games and tournaments. Team data is aggregated into useful performance insights helping coaches and players improve their game. Generated articles and player profiles can be shared with parents, fans, and recruiters. Note: Player names and photos redacted for confidentiality.

Notable Mentions: Snooze-Proof, Number-Chute

I’ve also made minor contributions to various open source projects including Firefox and Signal for iOS.